Emergency management – ensuring the supply of drinking water

In the light of the present-day potential for hazard, comprehensive risk assessment and reliable alarm planning are required alongside a thorough analysis as major preconditions for professional emergency management. This ensures that the water supply is maintained in crisis situations such as natural disasters, epidemics, technical faults and terrorist attacks.

Safety at a high standard

The experience and methodology of Berliner Wasserbetriebe is essential for the development of a suitable and practical protection concept.

The protection concept is developed with the aim of reducing liability risks for the operator, of increasing the legal security while at the same time increasing the safety level and carrying out preventive measures to protect the installations against the consequences of natural disasters and attacks.

The concept is based on the DVGW Codes of Practice W1020 and W1050 and is subject to continuous review, updating and improvement.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of the risks and the threat potential
  • Planning of protective and security measures
  • Establishment of crisis management
  • Further development of the alarm plan
  • Safety training of employees and emergency service personnel
  • Preparation and further develeopment of exercises
  • Monitoring and updating

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