All the Power of Water at a Glance

Water contains many essential minerals and trace elements, which our body must be supplied with. The most important include calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium and chloride. However, the following applies: Drinking water is insufficient to cover our body's mineral requirements. It is also important to eat a healthy diet.

Berlin's drinking water contains the following important minerals and trace elements:

 As of 2013 Indicated in mg/l  Threshold value in mg/l   Recommended daily allowance in mg
 calcium  94 - 147  -   800
 iron  < 0.03  0.2  14
 potassium  2.9 - 8.2  -  1
 magnesium  8.4 - 15.8  -  300
 sodium  23 - 68  200  -
 chloride  37 - 98  250  -


Did you know...?

  • Calcium is important for healthy, strong bones and teeth
  • Iron promotes metabolism and supports haematopoiesis
  • Potassium boots the heart an muscles
  • Chloride and  Sodium regulate the acid-base balance of the body

Find out More about the Minerals and Trace Elements in the Drinking Water

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