Backwater Prevention

When waste water builds up in your building connection, for example after long periods of continuous rain, backwater may occur. This can be prevented by backwater protection devices.


Our rainwater and combined water sewers are designed to cope well with typical regional rainfall volumes. In extreme weather conditions, however, they may reach the limits of their capacity. In these cases, backwater protection devices protect house owners from waste water escaping from floor drainage systems, toilets or showers into cellars or basements.

Please note: Building insurance will not cover the backwater damages unless backwater protection has been installed.

Our recommendation: Take precautions in due time by having an expert install suitable backwater protection.

The fact is: Backwater damages are normally much more costly than installing backwater protection.

Our tip: If you have showers, toilets, a washing machine connection or other sanitary facilities in your cellar or basement - i.e. below the backflow level - then a waste water lifting unit offers the best possible protection.

Do you have any special questions about backwater protection or general questions about your waste water system? Then simply give us a call. We will gladly advise you or help you to find a suitable plumber.

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