Your New Drinking Water Connection

Someone who is in the process of building has a lot on his plate. We would like to support you in this exciting phase. Our check list shows you how you can apply for your drinking water connection, which documents you require for this purpose and where you can find competent points of contact.

Our tip: Apply for your building connection in due time before construction begins and plan in a processing time of up to six weeks.

If you require supply line information before making an application, you can request it from us or via the online supply line portal The supply line information offers customers who are planning a construction project important information about where the supply pipelines are located.

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Make an Application

All the application documents you require for being connected to our drinking water network can be downloaded here. Print them out, fill them in and then submit them along with the following documents:

  • Proof of ownership (deed of purchase, notice of conveyance or abstract of title)
  • Certificate of authority by the property owner (in case the applicant is not the property owner)
  • A copy of the official site plan indicating the desired pipework routing and water meter location on a scale of 1:200
  • A copy of your cellar floor plan or the floor plan of the main supply connection room on a scale of 1:200
  • A copy of your building installation plan or ducting scheme
  • A copy of the sectional view of your building

Please note:
We can only process your application once we have received the proof of ownership and, if necessary, the certificate of authority as well as all the above-mentioned documents.

We Will Make You an Offer

Along with the offer we will send you a plumbing confirmation, which needs to be completed by your plumber.

You Authorise Us

Please send us the original signed order and the plumbing confirmation. We also need your signature for additional contractual terms. If we have requested a down payment, please pay this amount.

We Will Make an Appointment with You to Carry Out Construction

We will contact you to arrange a date for performing the construction work. For this purpose, please include your telephone number on the application.

The materials which you might require for own work purposes (protection pipe, protection pipe bend, casing etc.) will be supplied by us. If you wish to collect the material, you can pick it up from the building connection service team responsible for your building area. You can find the addresses and opening hours here.

Commencement of Operation

We kindly request your presence when bringing your drinking water connection into service and installing the water meter, which will be done a single procedure. Please arrange a date for this purpose with our site manager for your building area.

We Will Invoice You

We will invoice you for our services. Furthermore, we will inform you about the advance payments for your drinking water consumption.

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