Legionella Prevention – Drinking Water System Check

Housing companies, landlords and administrators are obliged to provide access to unobjectionable drinking water. This is prescribed by the Drinking Water Ordinance. You can test the water quality by making use of our comprehensive "drinking water system check".

Drinking water should not contain any legionella, i.e. bacteria. This must be checked on a regular basis by lessors of apartment buildings. In December 2012, the Drinking Water Ordinance made new provisions for protecting against legionella.

As an owner or operator you are obliged to have your drinking water installation* screened for legionella: 

  • if you operate a large-scale installation for heating up drinking water and distributing the water to other users in the course of a commercial or public activity, for example to nursery schools or rental housing;
  •  If there are showers, air conditioning systems or other facilities in the apartments or houses you are letting as landlord, where the water is sprayed very finely and could be inhaled.

* Facilities without aerosol-forming facilities are not subject to the general inspection obligation... This includes commercial properties in which only toilets and washrooms are available.

Drinking Water System Check

Use our "drinking water system check" to always be on the safe side:

  • We will check and document the actual state of your facility.
  • The microbiological analysis of your drinking water is performed by our accredited laboratory, which is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.
  • You will receive a neutral, comprehensive report on the state of your facility.
  • Our analysis of critical points indicates whether any action needs to be taken. On request, we will forward the results to your local health authority.
  • Your documents will be archived in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance for a minimum period of ten years.
  • You will always have access to them. We will gladly advise you and support you with any preventive measures.
  • Has your facility exceeded the threshold values? In this case, too, you can rely on our expertise. We will advise you and support you with the corrective measures.

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