An Overview of our Water Meters

Our Most Important Meter: The Main Water Meter

The main water meter we install on your property is used for measuring the total amount of water you receive from us. It is used as basis for calculating your drinking water and waste water rates.
The size of the water meter depends on your water requirements. We will gladly check* free of charge whether the water meter installed on your property meets your individual user requirements.

*The assessment of the water meter size is based on the generally accepted technical standards (DVGW leaflet W 406 and DIN 1988-300).

The tariff system for drinking water and waste water is comprised of a base rate and a quantity rate per 1,000 litres. The base rate is calculated per day, taking into account the size of the main water meter (Qn / Q3) and the annual amount of water measured by this meter. There are various quantity levels, which depend on the meter size. The quantity rate is entirely dependent on the amount of drinking water used.
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Useful for You: the Private Water Meter

The private water meter - which is also known as a garden water meter - is an additional meter which can be installed. It measures the drinking water used for watering your garden, which does not flow into the sewage system as waste water.
Your advantage: no drainage fees apply for the amount of water used for watering your garden.
The private water meter must be applied for separately. The form to be used for this purpose can be found in our downloads section.

Private meters can only be approved by us if they are installed by a company listed in our directory of plumbing services. A list of our contractual partners can be found here.

For Your Info: the Residential Water Meter

Residential water meters - which often measure hot water and cold water use separately - record your personal consumption, which you can always monitor.

Read up whom to contact if you have any questions pertaining to your invoice and find out more about "cold water" and "hot water", among other things, the main items on your utility bill.

What Could Still Be of Interest to You: New Labelling of Water Meters

The European Measuring Instrument Directive (MID), which has been in force since October 31, 2006, redefines the labelling for cold water measuring devices.
Previous legislation (Guidelines 75/33 EWG for cold water meters) must also still be applied until 2016. However, the MID must be applied for all new meters. One substantial change concerns the labelling and values of the current flows/meter sizes.

Labelling of existing devices
according to EWG 75/33 valid until 2016 
Labelling of new devices
according to MID as of 2006
Qn [m³/h] Q3 [m³/h]
2,5 4
5 6,3
6 10
10 16
15 25
40 63
60 100
150 250


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