Meter Replacement Made Easy

Water meters are regulated by the Measures and Calibration Act. According to this legislation, cold water meters must be replaced after a maximum of six years. We are responsible for replacing your main water meter; you are responsible for replacing the private meter. We will gladly take care of it on your behalf.

In order to determine your exact consumption, all water meters must be calibrated. Calibration is the process during which the meters are checked technically and visually in prescribed intervals. The Calibration Act prescribes a new meter every six years at the latest.

Our special service
We will replace your private water meter along with the main water meter. This will save you time and money.

This is how it works:
You will receive an offer from us to replace your meter. If you accept, return the offer to us signed. We will then make an appointment with you. After the meter replacement, we will record the data of your old and new meter. In this way, no gaps in your utility bill will occur.

You missed the application? No problem!
Our staff have already given you notice of when they will be coming to replace the main meter? Ask them if they will also replace the private meter in the course of their visit.
Of course you can also commission a plumber from our directory of licensed contractual partners. A list of our contractual partners can be found here.

The cost of replacing a meter:
If the replacement of your private meter is performed at the same time as the main water meter replacement, we will charge EUR 81.40 (incl. 19 percent VAT).
If we only replace your private water meter, we will charge EUR 81.40 (incl. 19 percent VAT) plus gross travel expenses of EUR 49.86.

Any Questions?

If you need furhter informationen or support, please do not hestitate to contact us.

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