Information on Collection Systems

We are responsible for your waste water. You are responsible for your collection system - whether you are the owner, tenant or leaseholder.

Burden of Proof

As owner, tenant or leaseholder, you must provide proof

  • That the collection system you are using is always leak-proof (this is verified by an expert on your behalf) and
  • That your waste water is collected by a haulage company licensed by us. Documentation must include the waste water quantity and the date of haulage.

Remediation Obligation

If your system has not passed the inspection by an expert, you are responsible for its remediation. Please note the differences between remediation within and outside of water protection areas. For further information, please contact the Senate Administration for Urban Development.

Emptying Obligation

When your pit is full, please commission a haulage company licensed by us with the emptying. A list of companies can be found here.

Two Separate Invoices for Your Waste Water

The haulage company will invoice you directly for its services. We will send you a second invoice for the water treatment.
The following applies: The amount of waste water corresponds to the amount of drinking water. The amount of water used for your garden will be deducted.


Pit Emptying
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Waste Water Connection

Here you can find everything you need to know about the application procedure for a waste water connection.

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