Tap water – always fresh and available

The quality of Berlin’s drinking water is outstanding, and it originates from a regional cycle. We look after this cycle: with natural water treatment, groundwater enrichment and thorough purification of the wastewater, which flows back into the cycle after use. This whole process works so well that Berlin's drinking water not only meets all of the requirements of the German Drinking Water Ordinance, but it also stays under the defined limits. Even German consumer safety and testing organisation Stiftung Warentest recommends drinking tap water rather than bottled water.

Drinking water is the best-monitored foodstuff in Germany. It must have properties which enable its lifelong use in unlimited quantities, without posing any health hazards. In order to be called drinking water and be considered a food, it must comply with the German Drinking Water Ordinance, a very strict health law. That in turn means that nothing stands in the way of enjoying healthy drinking water, a fact which was also confirmed by the Stiftung Warentest consumer testing organisation in 2016.

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