Sustainable for Berlin

Sustainability is at the centre of our corporate strategy. In all of our activities and projects, we take ecological, social and economic aspects into account. Furthermore, with each of our decisions, we consider which consequences these have for future generations.

Stiftung Warentest has confirmed: Our water is first class. We ensure that it stays that way. Nearly every drop of water that we need in households or businesses flows back to nature. We preserve our natural resources so that future generations in Berlin can also have water of the best quality.

The water cycle is part of an environment that is constantly changing. We react to the influence of social and climatic changes, such as the pollution of wastewater with contaminants or the quantity of the inflowing water due to rain. Through advances in science and technology, we can react to more and more unwanted substances in an increasingly finer concentration in our water.

We ensure that pipeline networks and sewer networks are intact and that we have efficient pumping stations and sewage treatment plants in which we can purify our wastewater. We analyse our groundwater on a regular basis in order to identify hazards to water quality at an early stage and take countermeasures in an emergency.

By investing in the maintenance and upgrade of our plants and networks, present and future generations alike can rely on a functioning infrastructure. In addition to the acquisition price, we also assess quality, longevity and follow-up costs, such as energy consumption or CO2 emissions. This way, we create sustainable supply security and have an eye on climate protection, as well as efficiency.

We train young skilled workers and have a great deal to offer as an employer: good working conditions, diverse development options and open communication. We have established an inhouse Research department. In cooperation with universities and scientific institutions, it develops solutions for exactly those questions for which the answers are particularly urgent for both us and our customers.

Water is an energy-intensive business that generates CO2 emissions. Through the use of energy that is constantly becoming more efficient and through self-produced renewable energies, we make a measurable contribution to the success of the turnaround in energy policy. Since 1990, Berliner Wasserbetriebe has already reduced its CO2 emissions by half through its own energy generation and many emission reduction projects. By 2025, a further ten percent of greenhouse gases (at 14,000 tonnes a year) are expected to be avoided. This commitment is along the lines of the newly forged climate protection agreement of 2016 with the City of Berlin.

We also do not lose sight of our present customers. They benefit from our products and service improving further, managing increasingly efficiently, so that water remains an affordable commodity for everyone and so that we protect the environment, the climate and natural resources of Berlin and the region.

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