Water Meter Management

Persons working in the real estate, housing or utility sectors can make use of our measuring and monitoring services.

Whether it’s conventional measurement technology or innovative technologies for remote reading, as we’re one of the largest companies in the water and wastewater industry in Germany, we’re very well acquainted with meter management. In Berlin, we tend to approximately 270,000 measuring sites on our own and third-party properties.
Housing associations, industry clients, property management firms and utility companies can take advantage of our services.

Tailor-made solutions for your measuring sites.

Whether it’s meter reading, procurement and installation, meter changing or management, our services can be made to fit your requirements. And this covers all sectors including electricity, natural gas, water and heating. In doing so, we make use of system-open technologies that you can operate independently, in other words, without the need to rely on utility companies.
Our state recognised testing laboratory for cold water measuring devices has all calibration periods under control for you. If it’s approaching the time to change a device or recalibrate it, we’ll inform you well in advance.

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