Water usage at home - everything under one roof

On average, every Berliner uses 115 litres of water each day. But what exactly is the water used for?

Water Usage at Home

Body Care

Cleanliness: showering and bathing is where most water is used, totalling around 40 per cent of water consumption. That said, most Berliners aren’t throwing water away as they generally prefer short showers to taking long baths. Don’t forget: water is also needed for cleaning teeth or for little clean ups between times.

Eating and Drinking

Just 5 percent of the water usage goes towards the preparation of food or is drunk. Salads are washed, potatoes are boiled, and now and again, a pot of tea is left to brew. Oh! And don’t forget those ice cubes that get used for parties at the weekend.

Flushing the Toilet

Flushing the toilet accounts for around 31 percent of water consumption each day. And that’s despite the “Stop Flush” button. There are between 6 and 9 litres of water in the cistern which are either partially or completely used, depending on the flush. It makes no difference that the water is good enough to drink. Quite the contrary: it’s actually cheaper to operate a single pipe system, for which strict quality management and guaranteed flow can be ensured. After all, even water can spoil and stagnate in pipes if it’s left sitting there too long. Then people would have to buy water for drinking and cooking, which would be much more expensive.

Clothes Washing and Dish Washing

So that clothes and crockery can be kept spick and span, washing machines and dishwashers need approximately 16.1 litres of water each day. This makes up 14 per cent of daily water consumption. That might not sound like a lot, but then remember that not every day is clothes washing day. If it’s just a matter of one slightly grubby t-shirt, or if you’re a plate short for dinner, it’s probably best just to sort it out by hand.

Miscellaneous Water Consumption

This is water that each and every Berliner uses. The remaining 10 percent of water consumption is used for things such as watering plants which need perking up. Or maybe the floor needs to be scrubbed until it’s sparkling clean.

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