Drinking Fountains in Berlin

Drinking Fountains in Berlin provide Berliners and visitors with fresh and mineral rich drinking water.

Thirsty in Berlin? You needn’t be! We have installed drinking fountains in many public places in Berlin. Feel free to enjoy good, chilled Berlin water from May to October each year. For instance, you can find them on Kurfürstendamm or in Volkspark Friedrichshain.

Our drinking fountains are practical, beautiful, healthy and available to everyone. They are connected to the Berlin water supply and therefore always supply water of the very best and strictly monitored quality. Regular technical maintenance and inspection also guarantees the quality of Berlin’s drinking water, as well as the drinking fountains’ good running.

Do you have questions about our drinking fountains? Then send an e-mail to service@bwb.de. You can also report faults to: 0800. 292 75 87 (free of charge).

Our map shows you exactly where you can find our drinking fountains in Berlin.

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