What is Water Worth?

At around 0.5 cents per litre, Berlin’s drinking water costs significantly less than bottled water. And it’s the best quality too.

Surveys show that almost no Berliner has an idea of how much his or her drinking water costs. They also show that only a few people know that a cubic metre is made up of 1,000 litres of water and that few people are aware that that amount is enough for the needs of the average Berliner for nine days.

The Facts

A litre of Berlin water straight from the tap costs 0.5 cents. That includes taxes and sewerage charges. This means you pay considerably less for a resource that is quality controlled to the highest standards and is available whenever you need it than you would do for bottled water. By way of comparison, you’d be paying at least 20 cents a litre in the shops for bottled water. And of course you’d have to carry it home too. In restaurants, the price gap quickly rises to a factor of 1,000 or more.

Look at it this way: You can use 1,000 litres of Berlin water

  • to shower between 15 and 20 times (depending on how long you’re in for)
  • to bathe between 5 and 8 times (depending on the size of your tub and how big you are)
  • to run 20 loads in your washing machine
  • to water the garden with a half-inch hose for about an hour
  • to make 45,454 ice cubes
  • and of course: to drink 1,000 litres of water

Water Filter, no Thanks!

In Berlin additional treatment processes to improve the drinking water's quality are not necessary. However, water filters can be useful in order to protect the drinking water installation from limescale. Therefore pay attention to the DVGW approval mark when buying appliances.

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