We Leave Nothing to Chance

In order to safeguard the superb quality of Berlin's drinking water now and in the future, we control it continuously at every point of the water circuit - in the ground, in the springs, in our waterworks, in the transport pipes and at the consumer.

The legislator places the highest demands on drinking water quality. It must be clear, odourless, cool, and impeccable as regards taste and without any negative health effects as per Drinking Water Ordinance.

We adhere to these strict regulations and stay below the threshold values required by legislation. For this purpose, we continuously test the water quality along all stations of the water circuit. Even the groundwater is continuously tested by our more than 2,500 observation pipes. Furthermore, we test samples directly from our springs and the groundwater immediately after it has been brought to the surface. Every day, our waterworks analyse the chemical and biological composition of the purified drinking water. This is supplemented by the permanent measurement of indicator parameters in real time.

In order to ensure that the water quality is not compromised on the way to the consumer - for example by construction works or leaks in the pipeway network - samples are extracted in short intervals throughout the network and at 180 consumers in Berlin, which are analysed in our accredited laboratories. The dense analysis chain ensures that we can always identify and remove contaminations in the drinking water circuit in due time.