Information Relating to the Drinking Water Installations

It goes without saying that Berlin's drinking water is of the highest quality. The reason for this is that we only use approved materials for everything from the drinking water pipelines to the water meter, ensure a constant flow through the supply pipelines and control the quality of our drinking water on a daily basis.

Materials and devices – a case for the experts

If your building installation was performed by an accredited plumber according to technical standards, you can safely assume that suitable and approved materials and devices were used for the installation.

If you would like to connect appliances such as a thermal bath or a bathtub to the building installation, please commission an accredited plumber for this purpose. It will ensure that no contaminated water will enter the drinking water circuit.

Operation and maintenance – a case for the property owner

As property owner, you are also responsible for the continued operation and maintenance of your entire building installation.

This is what you can do to ensure safe and healthy operation:

  • Avoid prolonged stagnation of the water in the pipes. If, for example, you do not draw water regularly from guest bathrooms, you should exchange the water completely once a week. After an extensive holiday, drain the water until it is cool and clear before using it.
  • Ensure that the water temperature does not drop below 60 degrees centigrade for a lengthy period of time in order to prevent a possible propagation of legionella.
  • Also actuate the shut-off valves once or twice a year to ensure their continued functionality.
  • Replace the perlators on your taps regularly. In this way you can prevent possible microbial contamination as well as stubborn limescale deposits.

Please also commission a plumber listed in the directory of the Berliner Wasserwerke to perform the routine inspection and maintenance work. You can find our contractual partners here.

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