Water for Building Sites and Events

Reliable and uncomplicated: our standpipes supply your building site or event with water.

In order for us to be able to provide you with a suitable standpipe, we need the following information from you beforehand in writing:

  • Do you require a drinking water standpipe for events and building sites with a sanitary container for providing third parties with drinking water?
  • Or would you prefer to rent a site water standpipe without drinking water supply for third parties?
  • Where will the standpipe be used?
  • Which underground hydrant is to be used?
  • Who is organising the event or who is the user?
  • Who is the contact person and what is his telephone number?
  • For how long will the standpipe be used?

Drinking water standpipes are always disinfected, the underground hydrants are cleaned, rinsed and also disinfected. The rental must be announced 20 days in advance.

Unlike drinking water standpipes, site water standpipes are not disinfected. The site water standpipes and hydrants can immediately be taken along and used.

If you have any further questions or require support, please contact our standpipe service, which can be reached at the service number 0800 292 73 78.


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