Water from the Heavens

Using rainwater means saving on drinking water. We will inform you what you need to observe.

Each year, 600 litres of rainfall is measured in Berlin per square metre. This precipitation can be used for household purposes, which reduces the costs.

However: Installing a rainwater management system can be quite expensive and should be carefully considered.

Important tips

  • A direct connection between your rainwater management system and the drinking water installation of the Berliner Wasserbetriebe is prohibited by law for hygienic reasons.
  • The pipelines of the various supply systems must be colour-coded to avoid confusion during maintenance work. The same applies for tapping points.
  • A rainwater management system must be reported to the water supplier and the local health authorities.
  • In order to protect the drinking water, the installation and maintenance of the rainwater management system must be performed by a specialist. Accredited plumbers can be found here.

Cost of Sewage Water Disposal

Feeding rainwater into the public sewage system is subject to a charge. Please have a calibrated private water meter installed between the rainwater tank and the first tapping point or pipe junction for this purpose. We will then charge you for the amount of water you fed into the sewage system in your annual utility bill. The fee for the disposal of rainwater is calculated on the basis of the Terms and Conditions for Drainage in Berlin (ABE) - § 15b.