Is Your Measured Quantity of Water Far Above Average?

Does your water meter indicate that you are using significantly more water than usual and you have no explanation for this? This could mean that your water meter is defective or the water pipes are damaged. We will point out the symptoms and offer solutions.

A Defective Water Meter - What Now?

The symptoms: Compared to the previous year, your invoice shows a significantly higher amount although you have not changed your consumption behaviour. There has also been no water damage.

The solution: if this is your main water meter, please contact us. We will replace the meter and check it. If this is your residential water meter, they please report the defect to your landlord or the company responsible for the installations in your building.

Note: according to the Calibration Act, your cold water meter must be replaced every six years and your hot water meter every five years. This also applies if you are the tenant.

A Defective Water Pipe - What Now?

The symptoms: Damp patches on the wall, puddles of water on the floor, muddy ground in the front yard and no water leaking from any of the taps or appliances. Also check whether your water meter is still measuring water flow although all the taps are closed.

The solution: First, turn off the shut-off facility for your floor of the building. If you are the tenant, inform your landlord or the building administrator immediately. If you are the owner, first turn off the main water tap at the meter. Then call the repair service. If this is a damage to the building connection, we will help you. In case this is a defect in the drinking water installation of the house or apartment, it is your responsibility and/or that of your landlord to commission a plumber from our directory of plumbing services to carry out the repair.

Note: We are liable for damages to pipelines owned by us - i.e. pipelines leading up to the property boundary, as a rule. You or your insurance company are liable for damages to your pipelines.

Tip: After the repairs have been completed, we recommend that you inform our customer service of this incident in writing and attach the invoice of the installation company. We will check to what extent the water which did not flow into the waste water system can be deducted from the waste water fees charged to you.