Low flow rate, decreasing water pressure, brown water – many old grey cast iron pipes are battling with this. We will replace them with plastic pipes and can also replace your building connection.

About 11,300 of the around 284,000 drinking water building connections in Berlin are made from grey cast iron. Corrosion and incrustation of the minerals contained in the water such as iron, magnesium and calcium are putting the pipelines laid between 1920 and 1940 under increased strain.

Within the framework of a pilot project, we are replacing the grey cast iron drinking water connections in the public street front with plastic connections. The property owner is responsible for the part of the pipeline which is on his property.

If you would like to prevent the foreseeable side effects of your old grey cast iron pipeline, please contact us. We can offer you favourable conditions for replacing your building connection in the course of our on-site work.