Backflow Prevention

Drinking water installation is a domain for specialists. They will also offer protection from backflowing water, which could lead to a contamination of your drinking water.

Under certain circumstances it is possible that the water in your building's drinking water pipeline changes its direction of flow and flows back. This could, for example, happen when a large amount of water needs to be extracted for fire fighting purposes. Should your installation then come into contact with sewage or rainwater, this would lead to a contamination of your drinking water.

The following could be affected:

  • own water conveyance systems
  • rainwater management systems
  • above-ground or in-ground irrigation systems
  • outlet devices with a hosepipe connection, e.g. sprinklers or shower hoses
  • heating water replenishment
  • high-pressure cleaners
  • fire extinguishing systems

Protective devices exist to prevent backflow. The DIN regulations 1988-100 and EN 1717 specify which devices are suitable for each case scenario. Only those installation companies listed in the directory of plumbing services of the Berliner Wasserbetriebe are authorised to install these devices. They are also responsible for the required regular maintenance of the protective devices. Please leave nothing to chance.