Building Cost Contribution for Building Connections

The prices for the drinking water and waste water connection are comprised of three components: the base rate, the meter price and the building cost contribution.

The base rate represents the fixed planning and building site costs. There are also individual meter prices for the connection and the building cost contribution, i.e. the contribution of the customer towards financing the public network. The amount for these components is shown in our price lists. The online building connection calculators for drinking water and waste water can be used to easily calculate the connection costs incl. the building cost contribution.

The Calculation Basis for the Building Cost Contribution

The share of costs to be carried by the connectee is based on the street front length of the property to be connected. Those streets in which public supply and waste water pipelines exist or are planned are used as the basis for the calculation. A minimum street front length of ten metres is used as calculation basis for plots which are set back from the street or have less than ten metres street front length. For plots situated along two streets, the calculation basis is the sum of the street front length divided by two.

Payment by Instalment

 You can also pay for the building connection in instalments. The minimum amount of each instalment is € 150.00.

In the case of an instalment plan, we will charge you 5 % interest above the respective base interest rate of the European Central Bank. Payment by instalment can be applied for informally. For this purpose, simply contact our staff members.

Note: The advance on costs must be paid in a single payment.

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