Your Drinking Water Connection - the Facts

We supply you with top quality drinking water around the clock. We use the most modern technology, selected partners and continuous control to ensure that this essential consumable is always a treat.

One Plot of Land - One Connection

Each plot of land is supplied with a building connection and water meter. If several plots are located behind each other without being in the immediate proximity of a supply pipeline, a shared inlet pipe is also possible.

Your Plot of Land - Your Pipeline

The pipeline leading from your property boundary to the water meter belongs to you. You are responsible for the cost of maintenance and repairs. The section of the pipeline from the supply line in the road to the property boundary as well as the water meter belong to the Berliner Wasserbetriebe, who is also responsible for their maintenance.

Top Quality Water through Approved Pipelines

Plastic pipes made from polyethylene (PE-HD) are used for building connections with a diameter of 32 to 50 mm. Modern cast iron is used for pipes with a diameter of 80 mm or more.

Specialist Connections

All building connection work is carried out by us or one of our contractual partners. The same applies for work on your pipeline leading to the water meter. Only companies listed in the directory of plumbing services of the Berliner Wasserwerke may carry out work on your building installation. This serves to protect the drinking water.

These and other regulations can be found in more detail in the "Terms of Contract for Water Supply in Berlin" (VBW).

Installation Depth