Drinking Water Dispensers

Our drinking water dispensers – your source of fresh water.

Drinking water in Germany is a stringently controlled product. We can deliver the best quality water to your building in whatever quantity you want at an unbeatable price. Our drinking water dispensers are connected to the water supply and make the tap your personal source of drinking water. Natural, healthy, environmentally friendly and cost-effective Berlin water is just the push of a button away.

Our drinking water dispensers are connected to the water supply by installing them in your building. Innovative technology means that the water can be carbonated at the touch of a button. A cooling unit maintains optimal drinking temperature. Our drinking water dispensers are suitable for use in offices, production halls, schools, doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, as well as for the hotel, hospitality and catering industries.

Are you looking for a suitable model and are uncertain which one is best for you? You can compare the models in our product range here. Do you have any questions? We are glad to be there for you. Just give us a call.

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