All about Water Meters

Meter reading input

As a customer, you can send us your current meter reading directly on our customer portal.

Meter replacement

Main Water Meters

Water meters are subject to the provisions of the Verification Act. Accordingly, cold water meters must be replaced after six years at the latest. Berliner Wasserbetriebe is responsible for replacing your main water meter, for which no additional costs are incurred. 

Replacing the Private Water Meter

As the owner, you are responsible for your private water meter (sprinkler water meter). When replacing your main water meter, we can also replace your private water meter. We make you an offer for this before the periodic replacement. If you agree to it, sign it and return it to us. If your private water meter is replaced at the same time as your main water meter we charge your 78.30 euros (incl. VAT). You do not incur any call-out charges.

After replacing the meter we record the data of your old and new meter. There are therefore no gaps in your consumption billing. You can of course also hire an installation company from the list of our licensed contractual partners to do the work.

Water meters at a glance

  1. Main water meter
    We use the main water meter installed on your property to measure the total volume of water you obtain from us. Based on this, we determine not only your drinking water charge but also the wastewater charge. The size of the water meter depends on the of the water demand of the user. The volumetric prices depend on the size of your meter. We will be pleased to check* whether the water meter installed on your premises is appropriately sized, free of charge, based on your individual consumption situation.*
  2. Private water meter (PWZ)
    The private water meter – also called PWZ, garden water meter or sprinkler water meter – is a meter that you can use additionally. It registers drinking water that you use to water your garden and therefore do not discharge into the sewer system as wastewater. Your advantage: You do not incur any drainage costs for the volume of water that you verifiably use to water the garden. You must apply to us for the private water meter (PWZ) separately (application V12050).
    Please note: We can only recognise your private water meter if it was installed by a firm included in the Installer List of Berliner Wasserbetriebe. 
  3. Apartment water meters
    Often separate for hot and cold water – apartment water meters record your personal consumption in rented dwelling units so that you always keep an eye on it. Your landlord or your housing association is responsible for the apartment water meters.

*The tariff system for drinking water and wastewater is made up of a basic price (standing charge) and a volumetric price per 1000 litres. The basic price is charged per day depending on the size of the main water meter (Qn / Q3) and the volume billed yearly through this connection. Different volume bands exist depending on the meter size. The volumetric price solely depends on the volume of drinking water consumed. The water meter size is assessed on the recognised rules of sound engineering practice (DVGW Guideline W 406 and DIN 1988-300).